We would like to take a moment to thank you for coming to visit our farm and the horses that we are so proud of.   
        Lavender Farms is a breeding facility located in the beautiful bluegrass country of central Kentucky.  We specialize in breeding the "Skipper" family of Quarter Horses and predominantly the Skipster/Shoemaker bloodlines. 
      There are currently eight stallions standing at our Stallion Station and we run about 70 broodmares on an average. There are always top horses for sale from weanlings, yearlings, broodmares, to show and stallion prospects.  These horses come from original, good old-time foundation stock.  Our breeding program is producing the same good temperment, willingness to work and learn, good legs and feet, that the Quarter Horse was bred to have and do.  Although our program did start with the original foundation types, as in any breeding program, the main objective should be a constant improvement of the breed.  Our results have definitely produced a more modern style of horse that combines beauty and elegance yet retains the same basic good qualities that made our American Quarter Horses famous
and the most popular breed of horse in the world today
"Quality is difficult to define but easy to recognize..."
George Kimball and Tandy Hall Enoch
554 Blowtown Road
Leitchfield, Kentucky 42754
House and Barn:  270-230-0211
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"The grass is always greener..."
George and Skipsters Copy
"I think that life has not always been kind or easy on me, at least not the human side of it, but I can always rely on my horses to give me peace of mind and great happiness. "
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